At King Transit™ we take our performance responsibilities seriously, which is why we guarantee our trademarked services in writing. We believe the secret to our success is not only our hard work and our loyalty to our clients, but by continuing to invest in the people that we employ and the latest equipment that we use to enable us to maximize quality and productivity. At King Transit™ we continue to purchase new hybrid and accessible vehicles, computer systems, order management systems, accounting software and invoicing programs. We hire and train the safest drivers, establish extensive internal quality controls (for example we have a four point checking system in our order management division) and train our office staff in the importance of having a friendly and professional attitude.

King Transit™ is a professional transportation provider who can always be relied upon to deliver the very best in sedan and wheelchair accessible transportation services safely and efficiently without any undue stress. King Transit™ is your licensed transportation expert that has many years experience providing door to door transportation for clients to get to their crucial medical, insurance, legal, mediation and social appointments safely and on time without any undue stress. Kevin Richardson, CEO of King Transit™ has more than 40 years of experience providing transportation services in Ontario and personally guarantees your satisfaction.

King Transit™ is the Rush Order & Door to door client services specialists. Ontario wide service!



We believe in giving back to the community and of being a sustainable environmentally conscious transportation company.



Our door-to-door concierge services ensure that our clients are assisted into vehicles as well as buildings


If you are looking for a preferred provider to provide reliable and dependable service, we highly recommend King Transit Ltd.
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